Yoga Classes in The Cotswolds, Oxfordshire



“Yoga does not say that one should never suffer from any kind of disease: rather, yoga says that there will be suffering, as that is the natural law, but if the disease can be managed, that management is health.”

Swami Niranjan (Yoga Therapy Management, Bihar 2013)


The ultimate aim of Yoga is to bring the mind, body and breath back into their natural state of balance. Yoga is traditionally recognised as a life science and is equally seen as a philosophy of mind as much as a series of physical postures.

Yoga is well known for improving flexibility, energy levels and realigning the spine. Established research recognises the vital role Yoga plays in soothing the nervous system and in alleviating the impact of stress on the mind and body.

Yoga Therapy 

Yoga is by nature therapeutic. Yoga Therapy takes the therapeutic interventions from traditional yoga and applies them to an individual’s needs whilst they are suffering from a physical or mental health condition.

Yoga Therapy explores the causes of ill health by gaining a deeper understanding of the blockages that have been created in the mind, body and breath.  Once these blockages are identified, the healing process can begin.

A variety of practises are used to help soothe the central nervous system and ease physical and mental stress. They also help to improve the circulatory, respiratory and immune systems, all of which play a vital role in the recovery process back to health.

Yoga Sessions

Yoga Classes

There are many different styles of yoga that suit different people at different stages in their life. It is advised to research what type of yoga is most suitable for your current needs. Yoga Focus offers a variety of different classes during the week. Please see the Timetable for further details

Yoga Therapy One to Ones

An individual therapy session is ideal for someone who needs more support than a class can offer.

It includes a thorough assessment of your current health condition and its impact on your daily life, at home and in the work place.  A programme is then designed specific to your current health needs, which is re evaluated according to your progress.

Yoga One to One Sessions

An individual yoga session is ideal for someone wishing to further develop their practises. Following an assessment of current needs, your aims and future goals, a programme is designed that encourages you to deepen your experience of the benefits of yoga.

Yoga Workshops, Summer and Winter Schools

A variety of Yoga workshops are offered during the year on specific yoga themes such as Ayurveda, Mudras and Indian dance, Meditation and Pranayama. Yoga Summer and Winter schools are hugely popular and offer an opportunity to explore different styles of yoga from a variety of different experienced teachers.