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Yoga Therapy


Yoga Therapy 

Yoga Therapy is an excellent part of any Rehabilitation process following a chronic health condition.  Yoga Therapy takes the therapeutic interventions from traditional yoga and applies them to an individual’s needs whilst they are suffering from a physical or mental health condition.  

The Yoga Therapist collaboratively explores the causes of ill health with the client, to gain a deeper understanding of the blockages that have been created in the mind, body and breath.  Once these blockages are identified, the healing process can begin.

A variety of practises are used to help soothe the central nervous system and ease physical and mental stress. They also help to improve the circulatory, respiratory and immune systems, all of which play a vital role in the recovery process back to health and wellbeing.

Aims of Yoga Therapy

·        To reduce and manage the symptoms that cause suffering and chronic ill health

·        To improve the functions of all aspects of the body

·        To ease stress in the mind that is underlying the causes of ill health

·        To prevent occurrence and reoccurrence of ill health

·        To improve quality of life, health, wellbeing and happiness

Yoga therapy uses therapeutic interventions to help support clients to change their relationship and identification with their condition towards a more positive outcome. Yoga therapy interventions include:

            • Assessments
            • Goal planning
            • Lifestyle management,
            • Self-discipline
            • Evaluations
            • Variety of yoga practises to include:

              • postures (asanas),
              • mindful yogic movements
              • breathing practises (pranayama),
              • deep relaxations
              • meditations,
              • mudras (hand positions)
              • mantras using japa (repetition of words as positive affirmations)

Yoga therapy continues to evolve and its efficacy is well supported by increasing Scientific Research evidence which contributes to the growing understanding and acceptance of its value as a therapeutic discipline.

Yoga Therapy One to Ones

An individual therapy session is ideal for someone who needs more support than a mainstream yoga class can offer.  You may be suffering from a chronic health condition for example:

              •  Chronic Fatigue (such as in long covid sufferers )
              • Back pain
              • Cancer
              • Arthritis
              • Depression, anxiety or an eating disorder
              • Trauma
              • Menopause
              • IBS

Or  you may choose to use Yoga Therapy to help pre-habilitation to prevent a health condition from occurring. 

A one to one session will include a thorough assessment of your current health condition and its impact on your daily life, at home and in the workplace.  A programme is then designed specific for your current health needs, which is re-evaluated according to your progress.

Sessions are available as One offs but most people attend a six week programme

Yoga Therapy Classes

Classes and groups are gentle and self-compassion based.  Each class will help to soothe and ease the mind and body and encourage healing specific functions and areas of the body that are in need. Groups help to forge a sense of community where people can support and comfort each other and often help to deepen understanding of conditions through shared experiences.

To book either a Yoga Therapy One to One or a class, please email