Yoga Classes in The Cotswolds, Oxfordshire


“Nikki connects with the people she comes into contact with, you are not a client or a customer with Nikki, you are more than that. Nikki offers a truly personal method of using and teaching yoga”.    (Simon).


I believe in the Ayurvedic principle that we have inherent natural resources within ourselves to help bring us back to a natural state of health, wellbeing and happiness. Nature is our guide, we know that after night there is day, after rain there is sun and after winter there is Spring.  We need to trust the natural process of life, learn to accept the difficult times so we can grow and flourish on our life’s journey.

My background in Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Mindfulness and NHS Health includes:

  • Director of a 2 year professional training school  in Yoga Therapy approved by The British Wheel of Yoga
  • Post graduate trainer for qualified and experienced yoga teachers wishing to enhance their teaching skills 
  • Qualified yoga teacher since 1998 with British Wheel of Yoga
  • Founder of Yoga Focus in 1998
  • Yoga Therapist in NHS – variety of patient settings including mental health and physical health 
  • Yoga Therapist for NHS Occupational Health Departments – supporting staff back to work
  • Yoga Teacher and Therapist for Asylum Seekers 
  • Accredited Mindfulness of Health Consultant (registered with BAMBA), trained with Breathworks, specialists in pain and stress management
  • Mindfulness Consultant and Trainer for large GP practise
  • Training in Britain, India, Europe – Tibetan Healing Yoga, Bihar School of Yoga, Sivananda, Hatha Tantric, Iyengar and Viniyoga

    And pre 2014 in NHS:
  • Lead Occupational Therapist in Discharge unit of Forensic Psychiatric Secure Services Hospital
  • Occupational Therapist for Elderly Conditions, Neurological conditions and within Social Services

I have presented, consulted and led workshops in a variety of companies and organisations which includes:

  • Worldwide Symposium, ‘Wellness after Covid 19 
  • The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine – GP and health professional annual conference
  • Oxford Health NHS Trust – team building days for health professionals
  • Daylesford Organics – regular workshops and retreats
  • Facebook Marketing team (International) – team building
  • The Ditchley Park Foundation – annual festivals – ‘The Future human’
  • Soho Farmhouse – regular workshops   
And finally my personal Background

I spent my early adult life working and living in the mountains of New Zealand, France and Scotland as a ski teacher and guide for blind and disabled people. During this time, in the summers, I travelled to many parts of the world including Africa and Asia, enhancing my passion for the natural world,  wildlife and for sustainable living within local communities. I soon found my life’s purpose and began studying in the area of Health & Wellbeing in my mid twenties, finding everyday ‘tools’ for people to become happier, more connected, fulfilled and resilient.  I continue to travel to more primitive parts of the world, particularly India and the Himalayas, learning about other cultures and their simpler way of living.  I enjoy exploring my creative side in the form of music and dance  and am a backing vocalist in a Cuban Style big band.  I am a mum of three, now adult children, (as well as dogs and cats)  and I am dedicated to living a simple yet more meaningful life.