Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness for Health and Stress

''An excellent teacher who explored everything in an understandable way''

''I felt so calmed by Nikki's extraordinary soothing voice , she has a special talent''

Mindfulness for stress 8 week course:

starts 17th April 2018 at Chipping Norton Health Centre

Mindfulness helps us to stay in the moment so we can spend more time aware of ourselves and our surroundings. It’s not about trying to forcibly change things, but instead trying to accept the way things are for better or for worse and then changing our responses and reactions to the things we find unpleasant.

Our life may still contain a lot of difficulty if we live with pain or illness, for example, but our quality of life can be profoundly transformed. We do this by learning to recognise and step away from habitual, often unconscious, emotional, mental and physiological reactions to everyday events.

Mindfulness provides us with a scientifically researched approach to cultivating clarity, insight, and understanding. We may not be able to eliminate the pressures we face in life, but we can learn to respond in a calmer manner that benefits our mind, body and soul through Mindfulness.

It is advisable to check that your Mindfulness teacher has been approved by government standards and accredited by UK Networks of qualified Mindfulness Teachers by visiting www.mindfulnessteachersuk.org.uk

Mindfulness 8 Week Courses and Taster Workshops

'Breathworks' is the highly regarded, government approved and international leading organisation in Mindfulness for Health courses.

8 week Mindfulness for Health and Stress courses are held in the Cotswolds and West and North Oxfordshire (see timetable for more information on the next course).

Courses are 8 weeks long for 2.5 hours each week. Between 8-12 people attend the course, during which you will be provided with CDs for home practise and a course handbook for the theoretical aspect of the course.

Taster 2 hour workshops are regularly available throughout the year and introduce the key principles and practices of Mindfulness for Health.

Mindfulness Weekly Classes and 1 to 1 Coaching Sessions

Visit www.breathworks-mindfulness.org  or further details on all aspects of Mindfulness courses and how they can help you improve the quality of your life.

Mindfulness meditation weekly classes are available (see timetable). In these sessions you will learn to steady the mind and your reactions to the stresses you encounter in your daily life. You will learn to live more in the moment of every day life rather than getting caught up with dwelling on past experiences or anxieties of the future.

Mindfulness 1 to 1 Coaching sessions are a good way to manage particular stress or physical pain that you may be suffering from. The 1 to 1 sessions give an opportunity to discuss how your physical discomforts or pain, your thoughts and your emotions, can disrupt your day to day life. A mindfulness home practise will then be planned collaboratively to help your particular health condition.

''Terrific teacher and handled difficult questions well''

''One of the most inspiring and compassionate teachers I have ever met''